Pursuit of Equality continues to be one of the premier documentary films on the issue on the Marriage Equality issue.

We have partnered with Dark Hollow Films to distribute this film to schools across the world.


Dark Hollow Films specializes in nontheatrical distribution of independent educational documentaries. Founded in 2010, they are committed to providing intelligent and thought-provoking films to the educational community. 


Our goal is to stimulate engaging conversations about important social and political issues facing all of us in the new millennium.

Below is a partial list of the schools and institutions which have included the film into their curriculum and library:

To purchase this film for your school, please visit:

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Harvard Law                   Georgetown                            Univ. of Wisconsin                Univ. of Penn
Princeton                         Hofstra                                      Columbia University            Edinboro
Berkeley                           Arizona State                          Wake Forest                            Univ. of Tennessee
Texas Tech                      Syracuse University              Kent                                            Berkeley
Univ. Minn Law            St. Mary’s College, CA          Kutztown                                  Trinity
Colby                                Action Library Media           Clark                                           Bentley University
Temple                            Univ. of Oregon                       Florida Atlantic Univ.           Wesleyan