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The PlumpJack Foundation strives to answer “what can I do that will make your life better, today, right now?"


In 1999, Geoff Callan and his wife Hilary Newsom founded the  PlumpJack/LINK Golf Classicwith the goal to make a meaningful and permanent impact on the lives of others. The success of the golf tournament, coupled with PlumpJack’s increasing role as a powerful philanthropic and environmental force in the Bay Area and Tahoe, evidenced the need to formalize the company’s commitment to the community.

The PlumpJack Foundation officially launched in April 2017 as a means of uniting PlumpJack’s many philanthropic and service pursuits under one umbrella. The PlumpJack Foundation strives to answer “what can I do that will make your life better, today, right now?"

Our main focus areas are to support cancer prevention and education and to combat the cycle of poverty through youth. As we work towards our goals, we hold fast to the key value that the individual is the gateway to greater good. We are motivated by the transformative potential of a single act.

Our mission is inspired by the personal history of PlumpJack’s President, Hilary Newsom,  as well as the PlumpJack Group’s dedication to community development, particularly with regard to stopping the cycle of poverty by educating and empowering youth. Both in our philanthropic pursuits and in our company’s history of community service, we are dedicated to two primary areas of focus:






To-date The PlumpJack Foundation has raised over $6 million.

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Justice William Newsom Fund


The Newsom Family created the Justice William Newsom Fund at the San Francisco Foundation in memory of Justice Newsom. The fund supports causes that Justice Newsom cared about and that remain important to his family.

Bill’s civic and charitable commitments were substantial. He served on the Board of Regents of the University of Santa Clara; the Board of Directors of the International Bioethics Institute, and on the boards of numerous environmental organizations including Earthjustice (San Francisco), Environmental Defense Fund (New York and San Francisco), Friends of the River (Sacramento), Sierra Watch (Nevada City) and the Mountain Lion Foundation (Sacramento). A visionary conservationist from an early age, he was an avid supporter of dozens of individuals and organizations working to protect our public resources - clean air, clean water, biodiversity, wildlife and wild places, especially our forests, rivers, and oceans.

Bill was endowed with great decency and humanity; indeed, these were his defining traits. He took the Golden Rule literally, regarding indignities to others as indignities to himself. A close friend from Bill’s youth used to say of him that “the milk of human kindness flows by the quart in every vein.”

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