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Reviews of

Pursuit of Equality


“Near-limitless access to San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's office

makes “Pursuit of Equality” a valuable behind-the-scenes chronicle of what may

become a seminal U.S. historical moment.”

– Dennis Harvey,

“What is perhaps most remarkable about the film – and will doubtlessly titillate local

political junkies – is the access the filmmakers had to the mayor during the height of the same sex

marriage frenzy and in the fraught months that followed.”

- Rona Marech, San Francisco Chronicle

"Pursuit of Equality presents a delicate balance of light humor and
tear-jerking poignancy….really powerful.”
- The Advocate

"...required viewing for all Americans."
– Trenton Straube, NY BLADE

" captures and holds for posterity the vertiginous emotional

journey of all involved."
– John Culhane ,

“There was not a story in the film that did not move, educate or even make you cry.

What a powerful moment to capture on film and the crew on this documentary indeed

did capture it. This is a film of heart and love and commitment..”
- David Mixner,

“A must-see documentary for anyone interested in marriage equality and the
larger issue of civil rights in America today.”
- Karen Ocamb, IN Los Angeles


“…a moving document that put a human face on committed gay and lesbiancouples who
sought – and are still seeking – equal treatment under the laws of
the state and nation.”
-Kinsey Lowe, LA TIMES


“At turns romantic and sobering, Pursuit of Equality makes the
eyes tear up and the blood boil.”
- Critic's Pick, SF Station

“A must-see even for its subject matter alone, Pursuit exposes the  absurdity of
discrimination with its intensely personal, moment-by-moment coverage.”
- San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Straight San Francisco didn't realize there was a revolution going on
until we saw people lined up in the rain around City Hall.”
- Chris Nolan, Politics Left to Right


“… thoroughly engaging!”
– Palm Springs INT'L Film Festival

“Pursuit of Equality is not only deeply moving, inspiring, and fascinating,
but it is a great film and a stirring call to arms!”
– Richard Watts

“See the drama, excitement and history, as it is unfolded at the seat of power in this stunning

– Liam Mayclem, CBS5, Host of Eye on the Bay

“The producers of Pursuit of Equality capture the heart of the

marriage equality movement.”

--Sacramento Chapter of Marriage Equality USA

“...this inspiring…remarkable film chronicles every step of the way as Newsom  decides he will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, sparking a firestorm  of protest as well as a massive show of support from a divided public,  in a story that is far from over.  The film serves not only as an important civil rights document,  but functions as a call to arms for anyone with even the slightest sense of fairness to speak out against the wave of anti-gay discrimination that seems to be sweeping the country.”

– Jonny Leahan,

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