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Let us begin by saying that we are moving along with our feature film FRISCO BOMBERS


The United States experiences epidemic levels of gun violence, and we hope to use our film as a tool to not only put a face on this issue, but to educate and inspire our youth.


We are scheduled for a SUMMER 2020 Start day!

If you are interested in investing in a feature film  that will provide a positive and social impact that can not only educate, but empower our youth... let me know!

Co-written by the very talented Antwone Fisher, the film is based on the tragic true story of an inner city youth football team, coming up in the 90’s in Bayview-Hunters Point, and how the game on the field becomes a game of life and death on the streets.


This dynamic fact-based inspirational story about the life and journey of Michael Hill, a humble young man and promising athlete from San Francisco’s most troubled neighborhood, Bayview-Hunter's Point.  With his mother in jail for murder, Michael is raised by his grandmother and sister and becomes a teen football hero whose life and professional prospects are cut short by ill‐fated and senseless gun violence.


The contrast between the protagonist’s upbringing in Hunters Point and where he’s later confined to Group Home counseling in Boonville, CA, a predominantly white farming community, is remarkable, along with a relationship that develops between him and a young lady he meets there. This is a true story of triumph and tragedy, taking us on a journey of redemption.


We just signed Oakland Tech graduate, Rockmond Dunbar, to direct our feature film. Not only is he passionate to direct because this story resonates with that of his own upbringing.




We are proud to announce that our Inspirational Documentary THE PUSH continues to screen across the globe and winning awards!


I am honored to have Produced this film with Jeffrey Allard and excited to have co-directed, but this was a team effort and it couldn't have been done with out an extraordinary group of people... visit to learn about the team.

Although we have won many festival awards, sharing this film in festivals, both big and small, all over the world, is what it is all about. Grant and Shawna Korgan continue to spread their power of positivity!



“An exhilarating sense of accomplishment... A satisfying adrenaline high”
- The Hollywood Reporter

“This film could very well be nominated for an Oscar, certainly from our point of view, it's a winner already- a film that should inspire millions.”
Teddy Grouya, Executive Director AmDocs

"We chose THE PUSH as the best feature documentary because it was a riveting, well told story with excellent camera work, and superb editing that kept us engaged the entire time.”

- SBIFF Jury

"The documentary The Push, and all of the filmmakers associated with the film, are true winners! Their message, channeled through Grant Korgan, is something the world can benefit from.”

- Kevin McNeely, Exec Director SIFF



The SBIFF jury said:

"We chose The Push as the best feature documentary because it was a riveting, well-told story with excellent camera work, and superb editing that kept us engaged the entire time.

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