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Open your mind and creativity will follow.


Inspire, Have Fun, Grow, Learn, Collaborate, Create, and Give Back.


Diverse by birth, but united by our unique talents.

“Capture to remember, document to teach, film to create, have fun because you can...”

We are an Award Winning film, television, commercial and interactive production company which uses its unparalleled passion and style to create unique content and captivating imagery.


We develop, produce, and create feature films, both documentaries and comedies, which are not only innovative but socially relevant!

We have also produced, written and directed multiple commercials, which include Super Bowl Ads, as well as Olympic Bids, webisodes, and television.

Geoff Callan can also be seen in front of the camera, as he constantly works with other accomplished film and television directors and producers.

Below are some of our latest projects!


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