• During the Post-Production, the team was proud to bring on Hiball Energy drink founder Todd Berardi as another one of the films Executive Producers, joining original EP's Patrick Rivelli, David Schneider, and Frank Slootman. HiBall, whose mantra is "Good Energy", was a perfect partnership for the film and the team was able to seamlessly and successfully incorporate their brand into the film.

  • This was a team effort and the completion of this film could not have been done without the extraordinarily and collaborative group of filmmakers, cinematographers, producers, editors, writers, designers, photographers and donors.

  • Most importantly, Roy Tuscany, co-founder of the Tahoe-based 501.c.3 High Fives Foundation (https://highfivesfoundation.org/). Roy had the original vision for this film and suggested that Grant Korgan take his place on the South Pole journey.

  • Also, a special thanks to our Creative Director Ronnie Parker whose team at RhinoHub and Boost Creative Services created the website, poster, logo, and social media campaign, and to Teressa Cannata who served as our Creative Producer & Content Marketing Consultant.

  • Lastly, too Mike Shaw whose creative contributions were instrumental as he and Callan worked with Grant and Shawna Korgan to rewrite the film outline and script during the "rebirth" of the project in 2015.