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Producer / Director / Actor
Will Smith and Geoff Callan on set of Pu


Whether it is through humor or by pulling at your heartstrings, I am driven to create and or be involved in innovative content that will ultimately inspire, educate, and make a difference in the lives of others.

The only thing we can't take back is our time, so when I am involved in a project, regardless if I am an actor, producer, director or writer, I want to be, rather I need to be "all in". Otherwise, I won't do it. It wouldn't be fair to me, my family, and especially to those whom I may be working alongside.

(FYI, acting is way easier than producing and directing...)

Okay. Next.

I've acted in, directed, produced, written and worked in films, Television, National media campaigns, etc. etc. ... and our films and work have won numerous awards.

  • We are an Award Winning film, television, commercial and interactive production company which uses its unparalleled passion and style to create unique content and captivating imagery.


  • We develop, produce, and create feature films, both documentaries and comedies, which are not only innovative but socially relevant

  • We have also produced, written and directed multiple commercials, which include Super Bowl Ads, as well as Olympic Bids, webisodes, and television.

If you'd like to learn more about me and my work, feel free to browse through the site...

you may find something interesting...


  • Pursuit of Equality and The Push, these are two documentaries that I produced and directed... they are inspirational films and both won multiple awards.

  • Frisco Bombers is a dynamic fact-based inspirational story about the life and journey of Michael Hill, a humble young man and promising athlete from San Francisco’s most troubled neighborhood, Bayview-Hunter's Point. We are currently in development.


(all you need to know about me):

  • My Priority is may family (immediate and extended)

  • I consider my close friends part of my extended family.

  • My 27 first cousins are awesome.

  • I treat everyday as if it were a Saturday.

  • "Make it excuses or Make it happen."

  • My family is very philanthropic (BE SURE TO VISIT THAT PAGE)

  • I've  learned more from my children than I did in College... from what I remember..

  • I can smell when someone is being  unauthentic.

  • I don't want for anything but the happiness of my family.

  • I won't do anything to get something in return. I do things because I want to.

  • I've won and lost in a few bar fights.

  • I love my mother and father and talk to them everyday.

  • Apparently I call my wife too often while she is at work. Well, that's at least what my kids tell me!

  • I played semi-pro football at the age of 47 (starting QB)

  • I am a 5th Generation San Franciscan.

  • My wife is a badass business woman and the most honest and philanthropic woman I know.

  • My kids are way more talented and creative than I am and certainly more talented, philanthropic, honest, and driven,  than the majority of their peers.

  • I am a scratch golfer.

Okay, so there ya  have it!





In order to pass the time... my daughters' Tali and Siena competed in the Marin School of the Arts Film Challenge "Coronavirus Edition". This festival took place on Sunday March 29, 2020, there where over 30 teams, and everyone had  only 7 hours to submit a 4-minute or under film. 

My daughter Tali directed and edited the film "There's No Place Like Home"

and it won Best Story!

Thank you to the Marin School of the Arts (MSA) and Philip Chidel for organizing - and congrats to all of the other amazing filmmakers who participated!


Geoff Callan 2.jpg
NOB HILL GAZETTE April 2018 Geoff Callan
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